Bad Eggs and Short Pants: A tragicomedy in an act of fear.

Once upon a time and to this day, all over the world, at various points in human history there has been a struggle between the dark and the light. It exists still, and is felt as separation, but only in human consciousness, within the small confines of the brain. It is there that it is recognized, nurtured, paid attention to, codified, understood, acknowledged, worshiped, verified and made manifest. Outside of the human experience, knowledge of this does not exist. It is seen by Ego, the force of survival. We don’t just make the distinctions based on the idea of survival verses non survival, to further ensure the continuance of the species and therefore the quest, we tell ourselves moral stories about it all as well. We make separation distinctions like me/you, us/them. We believe in separation from the source of us as much a we believe in our beliefs and thoughts.

We are the force that agrees with our thoughts and beliefs, but we are not the actual thoughts and beliefs. We are more than that. Indeed we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and who knows what else. It is the human story, a balancing act of love and fear. Are we uniquely designed to choose between love and fear thereby breaking through the illusion against the energy of on and off? Without off there could be no on. Without fear, everything would express love only and so, there would be no recognizable love. Opposing forces are the calling card of the physical plane. The physical plane of existence depends, in fact on the principles of on and off, light and dark, positive and negative, love and fear. Here is a delicate balance of opposites. Here is but one aspect of God presence. When I say God, I am speaking of an energy, a verb, an evolving consciousness. The closest human emotions to knowing God are Love and compassion. The word emotion, from Latin, is emovere < e-, out +movere, move>. Emotions move thoughts and feelings out and connect spiritual with physical. Emotions contain valuable lessons allowing our unique gifts to function.

Whatever you are comfortable calling it, higher power in twelve step language, Love, God, that which made the heart beat, the source behind the driving force of Spring, seeks recognition, and acknowledgment as I believe God does, and we are the creatures who have evolved a consciousness capable of knowing God. So everything in creation is imbued with God’s Code through our unique ability to receive this connection. God witnesses herself through our ability to explore her. Our DNA has evolved in order to adapt God’s code, or consciousness and physically converts and expresses God in God’s search to be witnessed and known. This self introspective system seems to only function within human witnessing and not out there in the other species, the world or Universe. I my opinion, this is why were are here: simply to know Love. Creation is highly efficient and makes no spare parts. Because of this ability, and its uniqueness to us, I believe it is why we are here.
Why else would the Universe spew out such creatures with this one unique function? There is one thing I was taught from the organized religion that I do believe, is the truth. That is, that God is Love. I believe that Love is God and that Love is our source.

For a variety of highly distorted reasons and cover-ups, the word and concept of God has become laden and such an issue for so many people. There are those who believe in the value of their beliefs and there are those who became jaded and felt deceived by their religions and blame Love (God) for this. God never made a single religious concept. All of God’s proclaimed messengers have primarily been about Love. I am more comfortable referring to God as Love. So if you were to ask, I would say I believe in Love Consciousness. Love consciousness is here, and felt by us in this physical plane, as its physical receptor. Whether or not I tune in is my choice, but it none the less is working through me. We are in God’s physical expression. I suspect that there are an infinite number of fields and that God is manifest in all of them. As we evolve with our human consciousness we are, in a sense, surfing back to the source, that is, to Love. God’s code is written for consciousness. Why else do we have this unique distinction? How smart, it is to make us not just recycled stuff for the sake of breeding and supporting the physical plane. But we have the added feature of introspection, ethics and choice. Choice may be where God or Love consciousness is embedded. The source of all creation is in each one of us but we are hypnotized by our thoughts and beliefs and bound by the laws of the physical world. We choose between Love and fear in fact, with everything we do.

It is only when Love represents something scary (like telling the truth when we believe the truth will cause suffering), that we choose behaviors that are ultimately self-destructive and spiritually toxic. We are dis functional when we gain comfort from behaviors which arise out of fear. Allowed to continue, then we are looking at addictive behavior. Addictive behavior is the handiwork of fear and focusing away from your true nature as a product of the Love of the Universe.

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