Beauty, Truth, Love and Charm and Why Quantum Physics Believes In Me–An essay –

Beauty, Truth, Love and Charm and Why Quantum Physics Believes In Me–An essay –

It was in an AP Physics class in high school, that I first learned about Quantum Physics. In a way I cannot explain, I know in my bones that there are mighty Truths there. The quarks got thrown out when science lacked the ability to keep track of and predict their behavior–things suddenly disappearing and appearing and not following the generally accepted “rules”. Apparently there were to many “quarks in the Quark theory. Nowadays, the language has changed to probability waves, vibrations of possibility, and /or quantum wave function. But I’ll never forget the happy way I felt when these first quirky subatomic particles were named Beauty, Truth, Love an Charm. After all, aren’t those words more associated with philosophy and spirituality? At the root of both science and spirituality is the quest for understanding and meaning? It’s just that the languages don’t always sound the same.

I have always been convinced that in some weird way, the truths and pursuits of spiritual philosophies and of Quantum Physics are virtually one and the same. It is no surprise to me that as you pare down the layers of life, no matter what form it is expressed in, you will arrive at the same understanding. Things manifest by witnessing them and in Quantum Physics, at its most reduced, the space or tension between two seemingly opposites where one cannot express without the other, like man and woman, is held together by a kind of energy osmosis that is both synchronized and randomly expressed. That’s what the quarks are and they have been named :Beauty, Truth,Love and Charm. I think later they found many more quarks, so the whole quark theory became impossible to predict.

What is Christianity? What has Christianity got to do with God? While watching Bill Mayer on HBO, one of his guests … The problem with this guest is that he, like so many, is blinded by his beliefs. By belief, I do not mean faith. We have certain “agreements” that we freely use when we are evaluating sensory information. For example we believe that if we work hard, we will reach our goals. Since we have that belief, we then also value anything that amounts to hard work– assuming you want to reach your goals. According to him, the “stories” of the bible aren’t true, and that therefore, the whole God thing must also be false. And, the lessons within the stories , therefor, have no value. The Church and God are not one and the same. Surely God exists independently of Christianity. His logic is erred and the problem is fundamental. He assumes that The Church has the real and exclusive rights to God, to God’s presence and understanding. Simply disproving the viability of the “stories” of the Bible does not, by extension, disprove God. Indirectly, science has simply shown that the stories are metaphors . Literal testimony is impossible if you “believe” what science has proved about natural law. Maybe the question I should be asking is what is the relationship between God and “organized” systems of thought? What is the relationship between Love and the Ego? Is it in the On and the Off?

I keep learning that I am not my thoughts. My thoughts come and go, while I do not. I am always here in this eternal moment. If I disprove my ego, and I can, I still have my ‘me’, my soul. I witness thought as communication or intelligence between the physical plane, or field and the observer of the thoughts, the “I”, who is not my body. Also steeped in ego are our thoughts and ideas. The Church, and Christianity are created by distinctly human thoughts, beliefs, and values etc.. The powerful ego, without which we could never survive this physical ordeal, identifies with the physical world and all the thoughts and beliefs that go along with it. It is natural, indeed it is a function of Ego to identify with thoughts, and so many people believe that they are their thoughts. Take away all of Christianity, and still there will be Beauty, Truth, Love, and Charm. Love, or God, reside outside of the realm of the ego. God, or Love, is in all things. Christianity is an organized school of thought based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. God consciousness is the source of all, and thank goodness we do not have the daunting task of organizing that.

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