Bumping Obamas (a humorous tribute to those paranoid Republicans who implied that Pres. &Mrs. O’Bama’s fist bump was a “secret evil sign”)

“Bumping right, man

“Bump me this one”
“Bump you”
“Bump along, dear.
“Have a bumping good time”
“Have a very bumping day”
“Bumps to you”
“Bumping Obamas”
“Bump me once, bump me twice, bump me once again…”
“To bump or not to bump”
“Bumping Tips”
“Bumping support groups”
“How to know know if your bumping has progressed to a steady vibration”
“Bumping secrets”
“Bump me one”
“What’s all the bump about?”
“Bumping baby buggy bumpers”

And I had a really good one that I bumping forgot.

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