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Top Ten Reasons Your Life May Not Be As You Want It To Be

  1. Resistance
  2. Believing in and telling lies
  3. Setting yourself up
  4. Not being in charge
  5. Listening to and believing in fear
  6. Over identifying in false states of awareness (trances)
  7. and Forgetting your true nature and origin
  8. Low self esteem
  9. Harboring delusions about attachment and surrendering
  10. Maintaining a toxic mind and body

toxic ooze and delusions of grandiose victimhood

What happens to the crazy full blown and active addicts you know who aren’t enabled by you any more? Have you ever noticed how angry and resentful they become when their manipulations don’t work on you any more? Have you ever had to deal with one of those? With no lives of their own, like the living dead, they wake in the morning for the sole purpose of revisiting their anger. Without a “fix”,they are crazy, sick and weird people with nothing to do except complain and cause trouble for functional people. They never can understand that, as its been said, being angry at someone else is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. When should these people learn that the choices they make are their own, and lead directly to the next reality they experience? That is, where anyone is at this present moment in time is the result of previous choices. I know of a case, where an evil bipolar porn and sex addict, alcoholic, mommy hating, bitter, short, betting man had a decade to decide between healthy family life and addict life. He chose and progressed deeply into his addictions. Now, after divorce, he is even nuttier, but walks around in his obtuse angry and dangerous cloud claiming VICTIM. He can’t understand that he chose a life that encompasses behaviors that are unacceptable and a dangerous threat to healthy family life. An addicts’ version of love is narcissistic and empty because the primary relationship they want is with the addictive behavior of choice. Love is about trust and exposure allowing another to witness your soul. Addicts are running from the truth and will lie about the time of day if they believe it will serve them. There’s no soul witnessing there. If caught in a lie, they explode with anger and blame you and or, the classic, change the subject to something about you. Anyone who they can not manipulate, or who forces them to live in their own truth, they see as the “bad” guys, while they seem to expect healthy people to put up with the substances and the lousy behaviors that always accompany them with all of their wacky and loveless thinking. As an example of how they continually avoid personal responsibility, her ex’s new addiction is court. He gets this “fix” every 4-5 months. This time he is obsessing over a tiny detail that is entirely and rationally explainable. Court Orders, because they don’t pity the irrational mind of he addict, do not apply to addicts unless they are enforced. But with even the single slightest infraction on the other side, their haughty, self righteous and deluded agenda triggers the deep down ooze of their toxic hate and they become the misunderstood hypocritical martyrs and victims that have been wounded by an uncaring society again. These types of addicts are closed and will forever remain addicts. They vent their disgruntled lives onto the healthy world because they are afraid of recovery. The addict behavior is so ingrained, that they are in more fear of who they would be without the substances and the truth they would have to face, and the idea of putting their energies there makes them wackier still. A sign of the level of addiction and denial, is directly seen in the amount and volume of blameless unaccountability, and obsession with the angst they think they are the victims of. Hypocrites they all are who do the things to themselves and to others that they claim were done to them. Active addicts will never have their own functional lives, so they prey on yours and society at large. If there is one thing I do understand, it is this: Fear is the only energy fueling addiction, not Love. Ever.This website is protected by copyright.Copying of the articles, essays, stories, art and any original material, or,of any works presented herein–is strictly prohibited.