For Sale – Edwardian Arts and Crafts Home

dsc00133.JPGdsc00134.JPGdsc00135.JPGdsc00136.JPGdsc00137.JPGdsc00097.JPGdsc00096.JPGdsc00098.JPGdsc00110.JPGdsc00101.JPGdsc00102.JPGIntegral and Solid–Edwardian Arts and Crafts home with tons of gorgeous natural light in Historic Centerville MA Village –walking distance to beach, shopping, library and much more. There are five bedrooms, three full baths a porch with louvered windows, beautiful wood floors, many original features including dutch front door and an historic fireplace big enough to roast a pig! It has a new architectural roof, all updated plumbing and electric. contact info: and/or:

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