Friendship, Ghana Time -or- Honor the moment and make friends.

Beauty and love always happen at just the right time, and this was no exception. It happened on a plane, but it could have been anywhere, anytime. It was one of those light filled moments where the sacred intervenes and imposes unconditional witnessing and connection. It is a gift, and it is one of the best kinds. Experiencing unity like that is is a gift because the the only real worth of a human life can be measured by the depth and quality of one’s connections. I often meet people in  somewhat unusual places. I’ve never had a hard time talking with strangers and my radar has been my guide, and she has never let me down. Most recently, on a plane returning from my second residency in Dallas TX, I met a delightful woman from Ghana, just because I we sat next to each other and I started talking with her. We quickly realized how much fun it was talking to each other and the conversation just led from one truth to another forming a truer and truer bond all the way to our souls. On top of that, the woman’s name is “Gifty”. How right is that? I have been blessed in friendships and I am so honored that the universe has given me all the life experiences it has and will continue to give. So if you take anything from this know that joy is in witnessing, and there is no witnessing going on in lies, fear and addiction. Honor the moment and make friends.

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