How the Queen Said “No” to Simon Says & Other Closed Enviornments

Are you addicted to your thoughts? I am addicted to mine, in that I believe I need them to express me at least so long as I am here. In this physical world and here on Earth ,”I am” is expressed physically in everything but does not reside locally. My thoughts express me but are not me or who I am entirely. The part of me here seems to be created as an entity, a space time event, that thinks and feels in a birth, life , death format over a process of time. But time is an earthly concept, manufactured to keep track of things. It is like a device that allows us to compare the illusory physical experience. But Time, like the past the future, and good or evil, only exists within the minds of people. Theoretically, I have thoughts through all the parts of my body. My brain, which normally gets accredited with where the thinking is going on, is instead, more like the processor, and central commander, second or maybe even third in charge. Right now, on March 19, 2008, at 4:04 pm my brain is responsible for interpreting the “thoughts” or signals the body sends it, including its own. Perhaps when looking at disease, we should look to the brain. Perhaps instead of looking at the the body parts that are diseased and trying to cure them there, we should take a look at brain activity. Could it be that brain function could be responsible for disease? Does the brain interpret DNA? If so, maybe the cures we seek will be written in brain code? I don’t know if I’ve just stumbled onto something here at 4:18 pm, March19, 2008 but doesn’t that sound interesting? As far as I know no one has ever been able to produce evidence that “I am” exists in the body. With all the poking, prodding and dissecting the person in charge, the “I am”, the one you call and experience as you, not your thoughts, has never been found. Not in the brain and not in the body. (I refer you to the famous brain experiments at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.) Yet, we’re sure we are here; after all, we can see ourselves. One of the ways we experience ourselves is through love. The other way we experience ourselves is through fear. It is our unique privilege and highest distinction to be equipped with knowledge of a moral good and bad. We either are dedicated to the truth or we are dedicated to the stories we tell to protect ourselves from what we believe will create more fear. Our beliefs are full of stuff we think we now, but we don’t know those things, we only know our thoughts of them. Thoughts occur in time but I do not. I am. When I say I, I immediately am not that I any more, because now I am this one. Direct experience gets deeply embedded when it is witnessed. How often do you witness that you are alive and that you are just here? The more we witness the more fulfilling life seems, like having a good connection.

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