Secrets versus Love: Joy & Closed Environments

A powerful, intuitive, and loving presence has thankfully always moved through me. I have a journal from childhood, which I began in my fifth year. In it, the first line reads: “I have big thing inside me”. I meant that I could feel the hugeness of my spirit, the Love of the Universe, and further, I knew its intention wanted something of me. My intuitive strengths come from this source. Wittnessing without assuming can provide powerful knowledge and wisdom, or insight that is seemingly unaccountable. It is a natural gift, and it is perpetually available.

More about those later, although it’s true; The joy and affirmations I receive from pursuing my intended path give me fulfillment in the depths of my soul. It results from letting my soul speak through me. It beckons me to stay true to the course and it rewards me with synchronicity, friendship and Love.

The act of being in and telling the truth is powerful. It creates a feeling of unity, being and belonging with life. Falsity, or telling and believing in lies, will keep you from your natural state, which is joy. Understand that just because you believe something is true does not mean that it is.

The feeling in addiction is that of separation. In quantum physics the energy of fear, according to Fred Alan Wolf, is seen in particles, which isolate themselves from the rest of the atom. People also isolate and separate usually as a symptom of an underlying fear. We are the mirror images of all our scientific discoveries, as we discover ourselves. It is all we can know. I long for the exciting day when philosophy and science re-unite!

Most addictive behavior happens outside of mainstream society, and family. Because Addicts are experts at presenting themselves as “normal” as possible because they inherently know that in order for the addiction to continue, it must be a kept secret. What these individuals do not understand is that the patterns of the thoughts and beliefs that enable the addiction, also give the addiction away.

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