So, What Do You Think?

Does the belief of your thoughts make your thoughts or beliefs come true? Are your thoughts the same as your beliefs? If you are considering this, are you believing it or thinking it? What is the difference between thought and belief? If I didn’t believe my thoughts would I still have them? Have I ever actually ‘had’ these thoughts I call mine? Which comes first? Before I had these words to categorize, contain, and define my thoughts, what form did my thoughts have? Belief does not seem to require words. It is before words. Indeed if I did not believe that my words were expressing my thoughts, I would probably stop using them, and instead, go in search of something else that can do the job of expressing me, the “I” in this I/Thou relationship. This reminds me of a belief I have that words actually separate me from my experience, for everything that i named, takes its own identity, and is not me, including my thoughts. So, I must believe in this “I”, in order to use words to express I-ness. The problem with that is, the second I express I with the word, I, I experience a separation from the longing to take what is believed, and show it to Thou.

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