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Useful reminders

Stop looking for other people's approval to determine your own self worth.

Stop feeling responsible for the happiness or unhappiness of others.

Stop thinking you can change what happened yesterday by reliving it today.

Stop spending time with people who have agreed to live with negative states.

Stop believing you can only be as successful as you are wiling to push yourself through life.

Stop explaining or justifying your actions to yourself or others.


On the other hand,


Know that you are a manifestation of divine energy.

Know that only you can be captain of your ship.

Create your life. Participate in as many moments as possible. Don’t keep re-reacting to stored memories. Live on purpose instead of making everything an accident.

Positive energy is supportive, accountable, and energizing .

Know that self-limiting beliefs are ultimately self-defeating.

Be aware of choices, as choices are consequences in reverse.