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2 + 2 = 4 ~~Inspired from a posting on a linkedin.com thread.

Numbers don’t exist. They are representations that can be used as tools to help people describe relational slices of the circle. It was while I was in a high school class called Derrivational Equations,( referred to as Cal 5) that I came to a bright realization that all of Mathematical equations are actually about are the myriad ways, indeed the – and + infinite ways, people taught themselves to describe 360-degrees, the circle. Once I “saw” math that way, it all made perfect sense, and became much, much easier. Maybe I should have studied math top-side down? Knowing what all these mysterious units of space-time were attempting to solve, might have made the journey a lot easier. For me, the concept of a number one, is harder to understand, than its bigger picture. At the end of the day, I think the science of using numbers, too often fails to remind us of how fascinating the creation of them, for the purpose of inquiry, really is. As above, so below.

…just a thought:

I cannot help but cling to the physical world; I was born that way. It’s one of my charms.  Experiencing awareness for me, is dependent on having a body, which is its conduit while on Earth. Perhaps there are other kinds of conduits in other dimensions, but this body is not equipped with the ability to know and can only communicate of it.

I was wondering why this Earth based awareness can’t make contact and communicate with other awarenesses. In other words maybe all this right here, and that, out there, only appear that way because of the filtered tools I was given. Would I ever be able to create another filter that could describe another anything?

The filter I would theoretically make would have be of the same sensing ability. Even if this filter had gimormous senseability and could enhance the information, I’d still be stuck doing the inquiring and interpreting through my filter. In the end we describe only ourselves. That suggests to me that even if consciousness is permanent, in other words, if the watcher in you continues after bodily death, there is really nowhere to go because the experience of consciousness has no dimensions. Counsciousness seems to be everywhere, and wherever I am. At least that is my experience.

So considering that the event of consciousness is constant, is it just “plugging into” an infinite number of channels, as it dwells from nowhere and everywhere? So, it seems like consciousness needs something upon which to manifest its awareness in order to experience oneness. This life is truly is a dualistic experience. Maybe if there’s a next one it’ll be a terciary experience. Nevertheless I doubt I’d even recognize it, as this sensory body informs me through a dualistic experiential filter, and so can only process what it can digest, like a lock and key.

Even imagining that “other awarenesses” are hanging out on unseen fields, is an Earthly dependent thought. I understand that is not possible to know anything beyond what our bodies can absorb and tell us. After all I’m only as good my tools. maybe science, in its pursuit of final frontiers is in effect molding the body into developing more, and other, sensory abilities.  In the end, I cannot escape the fact that all I can do is describe “relational slices of myself”.