Separation–the awareness of duality

When I view myself as distinctly set apart from everything else, I create my ego’s playing field. And what a distraction that is! I fall for my ego again and again and I constantly identify with stuff that I am not. I limit myself to the most mediocrity ego has to offer. Yet, I am a limitless being. Physically, my body is recycled Earth (good reason to take care of the Earth). My cells die and create new cells all throughout my lifetime. Chemically I am never the same person from one moment to the next. While it feels like I am coming from it, I am not necessarily in my body. I observe and experience my changing body, my personality, but my inner voice, my “I-ness” remains constant. That which is observing, the “I am” is continually present , no where an everywhere. Consciousness interacts with the infinite “I am” what is, perhaps, my soul, and creates (( the process )) of observation.This website is protected by copyright.Copying of the articles, essays, stories, art and any original material, or,of any works presented herein–is strictly prohibited.

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