The Coolest Thing

It keeps hitting me in increasingly powerful whammies that the coolest part about becoming a licensed mental health counselor is that I have the opportunity to help others create positive and lasting, seamless change in their lives. To really see another human being and to know he or she trusts me and the process is sacred stuff that I consider an honor to share.  I will have the opportunity to improve the quality of life experience. I truly understand that this is privileged and sacred stuff and my only hope is to be the most effective counsilor I can be.  On some level, you are agreeing to your consequences. See if you can find deeper reasons why you have agreed to this behavior. How’s it working for you?

On a lighter note, I am narrowing down the areas that interest me in counseling. I am finding that I am a good mediator, so I am interested in family and couple’s therapy. Of course my existential/cognitive approach to addiction and recovery is my first love. I am still working on a course about recovery for home use. I am also developing a related but more specific course, called “Weight Wisdom”*. Until I am licensed, I am available for email counseling, for free of course. I am beholden to the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics. Anyone interested in this can email me at:

Everything is confidential except for acts of abuse or threats of harm.

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