Soul Purpose

Can the soul find itself through creativity? What is creativity? What, if anything, is the soul?”The Safety of the Hymn”I fit in the recessesof the farthest rockIn the heat from thebreezeIn the cushion of itI feel the safetyof the hymnIn the strength ofits insistingI insiston dwelling where I amIn truthIn the brilliance of its glorypenetrating the truth of itselfI want nothingI know that handthat lookThe energy of scintillationThe unspeakable feastthe leaf as it repositionsWhen the drop of moisture falls awayThe wavelength seeks its endthe insistence to joinExposedand longing to remainUpheld in truthand the love of it allThe affirmation to be sharedand willingness to beIn witnessingparticipation by connectionIn our reflectionis love(awaiting essay)

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